Ella Cruz Masturbates

Checking out the pool boy as he did his job had Ella Cruz very turned on. She got on her tippy toes and peeked out the window at him as he worked. She got so into the moment the exotic babe unbuttoned her jean shorts and slid out of them. She was standing in front of a couple of windows in the kitchen as she stripped to her thong, but she didn't care. The pool boy took his shirt off and that sent Ella over the edge. She followed suit by taking her shirt off and slipping out of her panties. The bad whore hopped up on the kitchen counter and looked out the window so she could watch him as she rubbed her pussy. His body was more than she could take so after cumming once on her fingers, she grabbed her vibrator, sprawled out on the countertop, and rocked her wet pussy until she had a leg shaking orgasm!
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