Babe Power

Kenzie Reeves, Mackenzie Moss, and Chanel Shortake are the three newest intakes for the detention whores facility run by Damon Dice. The whores don't want to be there. They miss their promiscuous lives and getting it on with as many guys and whores as they can handle. Once Damon has given them their orientation, the whores dish about how they'd like to make him theirs. In the meantime, they realize they can meet their needs together in a lesbian threesome. Retreating to the bathroom, the whores work together to start peeling off their clothes. Kenzie hops on the counter as Mackenzie rubs her twat. With Mackenzie's back to her, Chanel has the perfect opening to slip her fingers inside her new friend's snatch. Eventually Kenzie and Chanel both turn their attention to Mackenzie's pleasure. Kenzie pulls back to masturbate as she watches Mackenzie and Chanel indulge in some mutual pussy pleasuring. Finally sated, they hatch a plan to make Damon theirs.When Damon comes back to check on the whores and see how they're settling in, he finds them each decked out in lingerie and ready to fuck. They tie him up and pin him to the bed as they take turns riding his big dick and talented mouth. By the time the whores let Damon off, he's committed to their pleasure. He bangs each of them in the position of their choosing while enjoying a triple blowjob between pussy poundings. As he finishes Chanel off, Kenzie and Mackenzie wait with open mouths to catch his inevitable cum shot.
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