Lace Fantasy - Eden Addams

Eden Addams doesn't have to work hard to be beautiful, the sultry raven haired American babe looks good in just about anything – but when she's wearing sexy black lace panties, stockings, garter belt and bra, with her beautiful hair tied up loose on her head, an open white shirt hanging from her delicate frame, she takes sexy to another level. Hooking her thumbs inside her bra, the beautiful American Asian pulls a little and frees her dark, stiff nipples. Rolling it up over her perfect breasts, Eden smiles and gyrates, her panties around her thighs, her shaved mons and cute little slit visible. AS the light dances over her flawless skin, Eden turns and sways, showing off her hot ass - an ass that will take your breath away when you see her on hands and knees, her sexy eyes burning into your soul as she watches over her shoulder.
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Models: Eden Addams