On Stairs 2 - Jasmine Jazz

As petite hottie Jasmine Jazz descends the stairs, she opens her robe to flash her pink panties that have a huge cat’s head printed across the rear of them. Dropping the robe, she massages her body all over, before sliding her panties down to her knees, and snaking a hand between her slightly parted legs so that she can frig her shaved pussy. She moans with pleasure, spins around, and sits down, so that she can resume fingering her honey hole and frantically rub her clit, while simultaneously fondling her beautiful breasts with her free hand. Suddenly she stares straight at the camera, her cries of passion rise in volume, her finger flies faster and faster in and out of her wetness, and she has an intense orgasm.
Duration: 2:10 Views: 510 Submitted: 6 months ago
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Models: Jasmine Jazz