My Shoot: Navy Dress 2 - Crystal Maiden

Ukrainian beauty Crystal Maiden models a simple navy dress that billows about her body when the fans are turned on. It whips up around her thighs, exposing her black lace panties, but she needs no help slipping it down to expose her gorgeous breasts. The blonde babe dances sexily as she undoes her dress to stand in her panties and heels, a hand inside her underwear grinding hard and fast against her pussy. She rolls her panties down her thighs and drops her dress to the floor, stretching her underwear between her ankles and frigging her shaved pussy. Her hard touching drives her to the floor to sit with knees apart as she rubs her clit, lifting her ass off the floor with wild passion. She wants to share her pleasure with you entirely, turning around onto hands and knees to expose herself completely as she finger-bangs herself harder.
Duration: 2:01 Views: 423 Submitted: 12 months ago
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Models: Crystal Maiden