Like Waves - Nancy A & Sybil A

Nancy and Sybil prove both insatiable and inseparable as they make their SexArt movie debut in Andrej Lupin’s Sapphic sensation “Like Waves.” Vacationing on the Spanish shoreline, they flirt mischievously on the rocks; and things hot up exponentially back at their holiday apartment. Cute Sybil pulls blonde Nancy towards her and kisses her on the lips. Nancy responds by slipping a hand inside Sybil’s panties and rubbing her pussy hard, then straddling her. Sybil snakes a hand between Nancy’s open legs and strokes her visibly wet slit, then thrusts two fingers into it. Nancy rides them, reaching down and rubbing her clit for additional stimulation. She comes, surprisingly gently, and they momentarily lock lips before Sybil motions with her eyes for Nancy to take off her panties. Nancy complies, kisses Sybil’s inner thighs and dives straight in, sloshing her tongue along her sopping slot and deep inside her. Sybil flops back, eyes closed, and loses herself in wave after wave of ecstasy as Nancy replaces her tongue with two fingers and penetrates her repeatedly – hard, fast and deep. The volume of Sybil’s cries of pleasure rises and seconds later she climaxes. Sybil shows her appreciation by eating Nancy’s pussy; when she adds her fingers, Nancy grabs her wrist and guides them to her G-spot. She lets loose a series of yelps, then shakes uncontrollably as she comes. Utterly sated, they cuddle and kiss passionately... their lust washing over them “Like Waves.” Be sure to watch right through the closing credits for some added cuteness!
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Models: Nancy A Sybil A