Punish Me - Belle Claire & Charlie Dean

Dressed in sexy black lingerie, beautiful redhead Belle Claire sits submissively on Charlie Dean’s desk as she confesses to being a bad girl. Andrej Lupin’s domination-flavored “Punish Me” sees Charlie respond by gripping Belle’s throat as he kisses her hard on the lips. He takes off his belt, using it to bind Belle’s hands together behind her back. Completely at his mercy, which is exactly where she wants to be, Belle submits to Charlie’s every move. Charlie unfastens Belle’s basque, allowing her big breasts to spill out, pulls her panties aside and eats her shaved pussy skillfully. Belle moans with arousal as Charlie squeezes and spanks her breasts, and fingers her juiced-up slit roughly. Charlie runs a riding crop over Belle’s perfect body, teasingly tapping her breasts and inner thighs with it, before getting her to bite down on it as he resumes fingering her harshly, taking her to the edge of orgasm and then stopping, tormenting her with the frustration. He undresses, sliding his long, hard cock into Belle’s juice-slick snatch and rocking it in and out to a steady rhythm, as he spanks her with the crop. He increases the power of his thrusts, driving her towards orgasm again, then turning her over to bend over the desk. He slaps her trembling ass cheeks with the crop as he powers his cock into her relentlessly, slow but hard and deep; Belle jerks him off with her bound hands before he slams back into her and fucks her to an overwhelming orgasm, cumming inside her at the same moment. Is Belle’s punishment complete? It seems the insatiable beauty still needs more discipline…
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