Lesbian Stories Vol 3 Episode 1 - Fantasize - Caomei Bala & Daniela Dadivoso

Sexy Caomei Bala confesses her crush on delicious, pink-haired Daniela Dadivoso and then kisses her voraciously, as episode one of Alis Locanta’s highly erotic “Lesbian Stories Volume 3” begins. Caomei takes charge immediately, tugging off her tattooed lover’s shorts and panties so she can drop between her open legs and lick around her shaved pussy. As Caomei’s tongue flicks up and down Daniela’s sticky slit, the supine sex kitten holds her leg high and releases moans of pure ecstasy; they increase in volume when Caomei replaces her tongue with two fingers, thrusting the sticky digits feverishly in and out of her girlfriend’s pussy. Daniela is so turned on she bites down on her bottom lip as she takes off Caomei’s dress, tugging on her beautiful big breasts and caressing her slender body. When they are both completely naked Daniela’s in charge, sucking hard on Caomei’s stiff nipples, before heading south to slobber and feast on her hairy pussy. Caomei’s body writhes in response to her lover’s oral action, going wild when Daniela adds fingers from both hands, ramming them hard and fast, in and out of her honey hole. Caomei grabs a huge, ribbed, double-ended dildo, which she slides into Daniela’s receptive mouth, sucking on the other end herself. Facing each other, they each impale themselves on the dildo and buck energetically, slamming their pussies onto it. Daniela’s breasts bounce in sync with her thrusts, and she reaches forward to rub Caomei’s clit until they climax simultaneously. Smiling, they lick their love juices off the shaft of the dildo, savoring every last delicious drop.
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