Samara - Alexis Crystal & Tracy Lindsay

Using her sultry voice and her sensual touch, blonde beauty Tracy Lindsay begins telling gorgeous Alexis Crystal the mystical tale of “Samara.” As Don Caravaggio’s erotic movie unfolds, the two lovely sweeties kiss and caress each other’s stunning, naked body. Alexis is eager to hear the story, but Tracy insists that she must first satisfy her sexually. Alexis is happy to comply, sucking Tracy’s perfect breasts and teasing her nipples erect with her tongue. Tracy straddles Alexis, kisses down the length of her slender body, and licks up and down the sticky slit of her shaved pussy. Alexis moans her approval as Tracy’s tongue flickers in and out of her, and cries out in absolute delight as Tracy inserts two spit-lubed fingers inside her honey hole as she laps at her clit. Alexis gets on all fours so her voracious lover can dribble spit into the cleft of her peachy ass, letting it run down over the plump lips of her shaved pussy as she eats and fingers her from behind, driving her to an intense climax. Now Alexis eats and frigs Tracy’s hot pussy until she arches her back, engulfed by a wave of ecstasy. Tracy sits on her lover’s pretty face, grinding on her eager tongue as she rides to her orgasm. The two gorgeous sweeties kiss and caress each other through the afterglow as Tracy finishes the tale of “Samara” – watch through the closing credits to read the full story.
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