Too Loud Too Curious - Lee Anne & Paula Shy

Gorgeous Paula Shy sits reading, but is distracted by the moans of her roommate Lee Anne, as Bree Parker’s erotic movie “Too Loud Too Curious” begins. Paula goes to investigate, and finds Lee Anne masturbating avidly. Tiptoeing to the bed, she surprises Lee Anne by grabbing her ass, then starts to stroke and lick her smooth shaved pussy from behind. Sexy raven-haired Lee Anne gasps with pleasure as the Asian beauty eats her pussy skilfully, driving her wild. They kiss passionately as Lee Anne undresses busty Paula, squeezing and fondling her big breasts, then going down to lap at her clit. Paula lifts her legs high so Lee Anne can tongue her tight asshole, giving her an intense orgasm. Lee Anne straddles Paula’s face, grinding to a powerful climax, then moves into spoons to frig her girlfriend’s juicy slot to another wild climax.
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